Hello to all those who care!!

Ok.. so here I am..finally sat down today to create my own blog and writing ..no rather thinking what to write as my first post. Of course, this has been on the to do list for a while, but as most of the other things on my to do list, this also just sat there..until today that is. Thank god, I can finally check one item off my list :).

So, for the benefit of anyone who will ever read this, please allow me to introduce myself. Well…as you may have already guessed by now, not much to write about self and hence the choice to use a pseudo-name for my blog. But, still to offer a little flavor of who I am..actually, I think better will be to say “who I think I am”..a friendly soul who never tried to harm anyone on purpose, loves to travel, watch movies, read, sleep, cook and eat.. and not necessarily in the same order always. Yes, I also have a typical 8 hrs job that pays my bills and keeps my mental sanity by making me feel useful and productive to a certain extent. I love nature and I also love pets, though I don’t have one, it’s a lot of hard work to have a pet and I am a lazy soul.

I am not sure if anyone of you are by now wondering the purpose of this blog. Well, like any other blog..my purpose is also to share..share my thoughts, experiences, learnings, fears, challenges. But most importantly the underlying purpose is to actually discover my own self through this process of sharing. I seem to have lost myself somewhere down the line..and I am on a journey to find “me” back.